Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shyam karna- Baba’s horse

A devotee of Baba, who earned huge profits in his business, presented a nice horse to Baba. Baba named it Shyam sunder (or Shyama Karma) Baba had a deep love and affection for shyam Sunder and so he always tried to take care of his each and every requirements so he entrusted its maintenance to a devotee named Tukaram. Many times Baba told the devotees not to merely consider Shyam Sunder as an animal but to treat it is Baba’s child. One day the horse did not eat grass for reasons unknown. Tukaram tried his best but the horse did not touch the grass. He lost his patience and hit it with a stick. This happened a little away from the mosque. Baba sent for Tukaram and asked him angrily why he hit him (Baba) with such a big stick. Tukaram shivered at Baba’s words. Then Baba lifted his long shirt (kafni) and showed a red weal in the shape of a stick on his body. Those who saw it were surprised and feared. They looked at Tukaram suspiciously, but Tukaram told that he had not come near Dwarakmai on that day and did not hit Baba. Then Baba said,” Is it not hitting me, if you hit my child Shyam Sunder?” He thus made Tukaram realize what he had done. Immediately the devotees ran to the place where the horse was tried. They found a similar swelling and the mark of the stick on the back of the horse. Everyone was surprised. They considered this as baba’s leela to prove to the devotees that he was present in all living things. From that day onwards everyone looked after shyam Karna with love and respect. Some brought fodder for the horse and some brought Zari shawls.

Aum Sairam

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